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Vehico Fleet ™

Vehico Fleet ™ is an Advanced Fleet Intelligence & Data Analytics suite designed to solve the typical problems a fleet owner faces on a day to day basis.

How it works

Features which sets Vehico Fleet ™ apart

Intelligent Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Location Tracking in Real Time

Never lose track of your vehicle. With our pin-point optimized gps accuracy, you can track your vehicle from anywhere, anytime.

Vehicle Management & Intelligence

Monitor your Vehicle's Performance

With Vehico get to know the problem before it reaches you. Vehico’s Smart Diagnostics ™ monitors your car for trouble codes and gets them to you on basis of priority so you can take corrective actions without depending on your local mechanic charging you a bomb, ensuring that your precious customer gets a flawless ride. Money saved + better customer experience = Good night’s sleep.

Driver Management & Performance Analytics

Measure your Driver's KPI's

Drivers are the backbone of fleet owners, yet till now there was no data-driven metrics set up for driver’s performance analysis. Well the wait is now over. Get on top of your drivers. Get to know how each of your drivers are performing. And even decide which driver is better suited in what conditions. We back your intuition with data.

Alerts & Notifications

Right notification at the right time

Now get notified about accidents, hard brakes and overspeed your drivers commit and choose among 6 more parameters you want to be notified about. Set your thresholds for each notification to control the volume of notifications. Find notifications intrusive. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Just turn up the smart notification system which will aggregate your notifications from all driver and send it to you on a periodic basis.

Business Intelligence

Dashboards, Reports & Analytics

Now generate reports on the fly with Vehico’s Data Analytics Engine. See who was the top performer of the week and who was the worst. Vehico’s Analytics engine gives you actionable insights into your drivers behaviours and the classification algorithm classifies your driver into excellent, good, average and worst, which enables you to take action with drivers. It also classifies your vehicle and gives you vital stats on the latest condition of your car. Just enabling you to maximise the use of your car and get the most out of it.